How To Decorate A Long, Narrow Living Room

Is your living room so long and narrow that you get tunnel vision when you walk in? Small spaces are hard enough to work in as it is, let alone small, oddly shaped spaces. That’s where CW Interiors comes in. We’ve put together some tips for designing long, narrow spaces to be functional without making you feel claustrophobic! 

Try to keep foot traffic to one side of the room.

A difficult hurdle to overcome when arranging furniture in a long, narrow room is figuring out how to direct traffic. You don’t want your guests to have weave through a bunch of furniture, or walk between the sofa and coffee table, just to find a seat. We also recommend placing any area rugs so that your guests either walk entirely on them or completely off of them. It’s very off-putting to have a rug that lands right in the middle of a pass-through area, forcing your guests to walk with one foot on the rug and the other off.   

Stick to the corners.

Group your furniture in the corners of the room. That way, you and your guests have a clear path through the entire space without getting in anyone’s way. Remember to avoid placing too many pieces of furniture in the room. We know how tempting it can be to add “just one more chair” to maximize seating, but that can quickly overcrowd the space. As an alternative, use furniture pieces that can pull double-duty. Ottomans work as a table and can be used as extra seating when you have more people over than usual. 

Arrange your furniture perpendicular to the length of the room.

Using smaller sized furniture (i.e., a set of love seats instead of a long sectional) allows you to place them perpendicular to the room’s length. This works two-fold to open up space. Placing shorter, smaller furniture pieces along one side of a room not only lets you place more furniture in the available space, it also opens up a walkway down the length of the room!

When in doubt, angle it.

Arranging your furniture at an angle helps to further reduce any tunnel vision. Straight lines running the length of long rooms can exaggerate the “bowling alley” look, making your room appear longer and skinnier than it is. But if you put your couch on an angle, it works to break up the long, straight lines of the room and prevent tunnel vision.

Circles are great!

A simple, yet effective, way of counteracting the narrow feeling you get in long, skinny rooms is to use circular tables and seating arrangements.    

Or, you could fight fire with fire.

If you don’t have any space for a roundtable in your room, you can use a long, rectangular ottoman instead. It fits perfectly in a narrow space, works as a table and small couch, and is soft to prevent shin bruises!

Aim high for maximum effect.

Many people never consider all of the wasted space available to them above their heads. Take advantage of the upper part of your walls by installing some shelves up high rather than using a standing bookcase or cabinet. This opens up floor space for seating, entertainment, and tables.

Are you trying to furnish or decorate a narrow space? Stop by CW Interiors to check out our selection of furniture pieces and home decor. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help you find the perfect piece(s) for your home!

Image Source: Magnolia Home

Derek Crandall