3 Unique Ways to Hang Wall Art

One of our favorite things to do here at CW Interiors is build art walls, but we know how difficult it can be to get that wall started. We’ve got three unique ways to build your gallery wall.


Don’t be afraid to take up the whole wall. This particular technique may be best suited for a hallway or wide open space. Hang your artwork along the wall in a random pattern all the way from the ceiling down to the floor. It’s a fun way to display art or pictures, and you can personalize it with family photos or framed art that your kids made.


Layer your art over a mirror wall! If you are working with a more traditional space and are looking to make a statement, this would be an unexpected piece. For some extra quirkiness, use modern mirrors of all different sizes and hang some antique paintings over them.

And finally, hang art high on the wall. This is an easy yet unexpected way to display your pieces. You can make art of the artwork this way as you are doing something unique that both showcases the art and makes a statement.   

For more tips on how to start your art wall, stop by CW Interiors and talk with any one of our staff members!


Image Sources: Domino, deakins design group, House & Garden

Derek Crandall