How To Build A Room Around A Signature Piece


What Is A “Signature Piece?”

Ever been out on the town when suddenly a piece of furniture or a knick knack just grabs your full attention, demanding that you purchase it immediately? It could be a bold throw pillow, a piece of art, a unique vase, a couch, even a table. Whatever it may be, you know it perfectly encapsulates your personality. That is your “signature piece.” You can use your signature piece to tie the room together, create a focal point, or even set the tone for a room.   

Picking Your Signature Piece

Now, you may already have a special piece waiting in storage or maybe it’s somewhere out there waiting for you to pick it up. If you’re having a hard time deciding on your signature piece, try choosing something that’s useful to you. For example, if there’s a sofa you’ve been eyeing, make sure it’s comfortable. Are you having trouble making a decision on that table? Does it seat enough people? If yes, go for it! The point here is to find something you love that stands out and won’t just sit around collecting dust.  

Designing Your Room

Once you’ve found your signature piece, it’s time to design your room around it! Even though every person has their own unique personal tastes, our team here at CW Interiors has pulled some general tips together to help you with your project.

Shape — Does your signature piece have a unique or interesting shape? Use that as inspiration and try to replicate that shape elsewhere in your room. If your signature piece is curved or jagged, you can echo that shape with artwork or fabrics.  

Size — How big is your signature piece? Is it large, like a bed frame or dining table? Is it small, like a desk lamp or vase? Large items have the capability of overwhelming a room, so you’ll want to cut back on the amount of furniture you have in the room with it. On the other hand, you may need to invest in some complementary pieces, like a side table, to frame a smaller statement piece.  

Style — Don’t be afraid to blend styles! These days, it’s not uncommon to see an antique room piece right next to modern pieces. Is your statement piece a retro couch? Awesome! Mix and match the retro with the contemporary! Looking for inspiration on how to blend different styles? Stop into CW Interiors and let our staff help you find just the right stuff to really pull your vision together!

Color — The color of your statement piece can set the mood for the whole room. Is your statement piece multi-colored? Use more muted tones throughout the rest of the room, this will make the piece really pop! Or, tie the signature piece into the rest of the room by picking a color or two from it and using those as the colors for the walls and fabrics.

Ta-da! Now you know what a statement piece is, how to choose one, and what to consider when building a room around it. It’s time to go forth and start brainstorming ways to blend your aesthetics together to create a room that is uniquely you. We recommend a visit to CW Interiors to begin. Who knows? You may find your statement piece here!

Derek Crandall