Pop! (of Color)


Whether it’s a vase of bold flowers, a pillow, or a throw, unexpected splashes of color can do wonders to transform a space. Here are some of CW Interiors’ favorite ways to take any room from “....blah” to “Ta-Da!” with a simple pop! (Of color, that is.)


As you may or may not know, CW Interiors offers more than interior design services. We also take pride in our beautiful floral arrangements. Flowers add color and texture that you can match to the changing seasons. Placing an arrangement in the foyer will set the tone for your guests while placing them throughout your home will help brighten up certain areas as well as add flair.


Hanging art on your walls is an excellent way to incorporate color into an otherwise color neutral home. You can utilize all types of art, too. You can build your own art gallery wall using the latest in fine art, vintage prints, or even graphic designs. Stop in to CW Interiors and check out our selection of framed wall art!  


The pop of color from a throw blanket can really pull a room together. Drape a handmade quilt, a woven throw, or a colorful blanket over a color neutral sofa or chair to brighten up the space! You should try and choose a color that will accent the other pieces in the room.


Whether you’re furnishing a nook or living room, accessories like pottery items can bring out a distinctive style and splash of color. You can fill tight counter spaces with decorative baubles or elegant vases. They can be a solid color or be painted with a brightly colored pattern. If you want to use pottery trinkets, place them throughout your home for dashes of color or group them together for a DIY statement piece. If you decide to go with a vase, you can use it on its own to add a splash of color or highlight the color scheme of a room with what you put in the vase.   


Nothing adds a pop of color to a room quite like a strategically placed pillow. If you have a floral sofa or chair, choose a solid colored pillowed. On the other hand, you’ll want a colorfully patterned pillow for a solid colored seat. These pillows will add a dash of fun, comfort, and color to any room!

Find your pop of color at CW Interiors! Call or stop in today and take a look around the shop. Our stock is constantly changing and updating, so you’ll always find something when you visit.

Derek Crandall