Table Decorations - Fall Edition


The fall season is upon us here in Michigan which means those dining room tables are going to be put through their paces. Family gatherings in celebration of the holidays will become a more frequent occurrence in our homes and with that comes the inevitable question: what to do about table decorations? CW Interiors has themes and tips to help you pull together the perfect autumn tabletop decor.

You can’t go wrong with Mother Nature.

Forget linens, nature is where it’s at this fall. Lay some colorful, thick magnolia leaves down the center of your table for a rustic runner.    


Metallics are King.

 Opposites attract when they’re used in the right amounts, so go ahead and mix metals for a glimmering autumn table. You can bring together cutlery, plates, candlesticks, etc. of different finishes to create the perfect mismatched aesthetic.


Antique It.

Looking for a conversation starter but don’t have time to go out and find a bright bouquet of fresh flowers? Build your own centerpiece out of antiques that you or a family member have collected over the years. You’ll have a piece rich with story and spirit.


It’s okay to be “Matchy-Matchy.”

Color coordination: a decorating technique so easy, even a novice can master it quickly. Go ahead, match your tabletop decor to your china. It never fails to impress.  

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.59.00 AM.png

Blacktie Special.

The holidays only come once a year, so it’s time to go all out! Dig out your best napkins and tablecloths that are too “nice” for normal, everyday use. And if you have colorful linens, plates, or centerpieces, pull those out! Integrating bright colors into your tablescape, instead of plain white decorations, will give your spread personality!  

The most important thing to remember this holiday season is to have fun with it! If you want any advice on how to create a table spread that will wow your guests, contact CW Interiors or stop into our Brighton store. We’re always excited to help our customers with their projects!

Images: Stone GrableAntique Farm HouseLittle Vintage NestLeigh Ann WilkesPoppy Talk


Derek Crandall