Lookbook: Artisanal Vintage

CW Interiors makes routine trips to various home furnishings markets throughout America so that we can bring the latest trends and styles back to our Brighton community. Artisanal Vintage is a unique look that has been gaining traction recently. Vintage prints, soft florals, and subdued colors combine to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Here’s how you can create your own Artisanal Vintage space.

Distressed woods and patinated furniture pieces.

Give your room an authentic aged look by using pieces with a distressed finish or chipped paint. A natural patina on various backdrops and accessories helps create the illusion that your room was built over time.  

Get edgy with industrial metals and matte finishes.

Weave metal accent pieces throughout your space. This keeps the room from going too far into the “rustic” or “soft” aesthetic. Various light fixtures in matte blacks bring a flare of drama that works perfectly with the industrial metals to keep the whole look casual.   

Layer up to soften the room.

Rumpled fabrics in muted colors make a room perfectly imperfect. So go ahead and haphazardly drape or layer blankets with frayed edges, vintage pillows, and other plush fabrics around the room. Muted pinks and purples bring a calm aura to the space and are very easy to mix and match.

Personal Touches.

This is probably the most important part of creating an Artisanal Vintage-style space. So, dig out that floral blanket that your great-grandmother passed down the family to you. Cover the back of your couch with it. Shine a spotlight on that ornate trinket you bought at a flea market and haven’t known what to do with since. Group together tea candles to bring a soft, romantic atmosphere into the room.

Don’t have any of that? Stop by CW Interiors in Brighton and get inspired! Our metal candle holders and beautiful flower arrangements can be used in combination with vases and pots to create a breathtaking centerpiece for any surface.

Image: decoist

Derek Crandall