An Instagram Worthy Thanksgiving Table

Need some help or inspiration for your Thanksgiving celebrations this year? Well, you’re in luck! Our team at CW Interiors has compiled some tips for setting up an Insta-worthy Thanksgiving table.

Keep it Simple — While complex centerpieces are all well and good, they should never be forced. The intricacies of a simple table setting are not to be overlooked, especially when it’s filled with good food, friends, and family!

Think Small — Massive centerpieces are great for making a statement but sometimes reigning it in can really make the difference. Scatter small pumpkins and tea candles along the length of the table for a shimmery autumn table runner.

Get Sentimental — Thanksgiving has become a holiday where we gather our loved ones together and reminisce about what we are thankful for. A great place setting for this holiday is a fall-themed paper with an “I’m thankful for….” prompt. You can have everyone at the table fill it out, then go around the table and share what they wrote down.

Bust out the Interactive Material — Instead of a tablecloth this year, use Art Paper to cover your Thanksgiving dinner table. You can set out decorated mason jars as holders for colored pencils and everyone can have fun doodling during dinner! This is an especially fun option for any kids at the table.

Pumpkin Pile — Thanksgiving comes right at the tail end of the Fall season, so it’s the perfect opportunity to squeeze in one last showcase of your pumpkin decor. So pull out all the stops and pile those those pumpkins high as your centerpiece.

Spotlight Your Fall Haul — Thanksgiving started as a harvest celebration, so take this opportunity to show off your very own Fall “harvest.” Along the same lines as the pumpkin pile we just mentioned, the Thanksgiving table makes the perfect display area for autumnal produce such as corn, squash, and pumpkins.   

Stick to Tradition — Give your Thanksgiving celebrations a classic look with a modern twist! Intertwine traditional Fall colors with fun, modern jewel tones and funky prints for your table decorations and linens.

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Happy Thanksgiving,
The CW Interiors Staff

Image: Lonny

Derek Crandall